How did egg throwing youngster induce hallucination all over the world

Seventeen years old youngster, who broke an egg on the head of racist Australian politician, went viral and gained global approval.

I see messages all over the internet, phrasing the youngster, his bravery, creativity and so on.

There is an English phrase describing what did this youngster do: He gave the racist politician a dose of his medicine.

I believe there is a trap in this medicine giving, we all tend to fall in.

Liberal-minded people all over the world are so fed up with these bigotry minds of these far-right politicians, and we started to approve violent acts, albeit they are so small or symbolic.

Sorry, I can not see egg throwing as part of freedom of expression.

In my view it’s not a “non-violent protest.”

Even though the violence this egging elicited was much bigger then the action itself (this racist politician punched the teenager, and his bodyguards attacked him from every corner), I can not approve it at all.

First of all, I do not believe there is such a thing as a peaceful “physical” protest.

When touching, throwing something concerned, you can not say that it is just a part of freedom of expression.

Once you start to legitimize these kinds of actions, no matter against which they are performed, you never know what is being used next time or how millions of others will read this approval.

The other thing is that it is apparent millions of us, who utterly fed up with racist and populist politicians who use all sort of terrible demagogy against immigrants, we are just trying to find a little satisfaction in this egg breaking, which distracts us from real and much deeper problems.

And let me remind you of these deeper problems:

The whole world became much more intolerant. Intolerance and lack of empathy are not in the monopoly of the politicians from the extreme right wing, but it is a possession of a much broader spectrum of politicians and political leaders.

Hundreds and hundreds of migrants are dying in the middle of the Mediterranean every day. Europe, America, and other “civilized countries” building walls higher up every passing they.

Why do we have all these populist, authoritarian, anti-freedom politicians in Europe, in America and other parts of the globe?

They use the fear of immigration like as if these immigrants brought “black death” to their soil.

When we all trying to release our anger with the symbolism of this egg breaking on the head of this racist politician, we all tend to forget that our globe has much bigger issues like this global anti-migrant malaise, rising nationalism, authoritarianism and so on.

Humanity is forgetting lessons that are drawn from the first and second world wars.

Trying to find solace in this egg breaking on the head of a racist politician is just an illusion that works like a hallucination.

We wish to see justice delivered with this egg breaking, but instead we are just trying to find a quick satisfaction which both gives a green light to violence and deceive us in forgetting much bigger problems of our globe!





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