We have that New Zealander murderer amongst us here in Turkey too!  

This murderer who massacred 49 innocent people in a mosque in New Zealand undoubtedly wished to have publicity all around the world.

And he achieved what he wanted.

This murderer wished to spread the seeds of hatred around the globe.

Like a virus, he wants to multiply himself and his hatred.

His counterparts just started to function in other parts of the world.

The New Zealander murderer used some symbols to stir hatred amongst the group of other fanatics in the different part of the world.

There were some direct references to Ottoman/Muslim and Christian/European confrontations.

New Zealand’s Christchurch attacker carved so many names and dates on his assault weapons and cartridges.

These references include but not limited to Bajo Pivljanin, a Serbian Commander who fought against Ottoman rule in the Balkans; John Hyundai, a Hungarian commander who defeated Ottoman forces in 1441 and 1442. Constantine II of Bulgaria who led the rebellion against the Ottomans; Milos Obilis, a Serbian knight in the service of Prince Lazar, the assassin of Ottoman Sultan Murad I.

The list goes on like that.

Obviously, the New Zealander attacker is not only terribly Islamaphobic but also hated Ottomans and Turks to his bones.

While trying to absorb the news of this horrific hate crime and crime against humanity, I saw hair raising, deeply disturbing counter hatred campaign right in the middle of Turkey.

A political Islamist magazine, Misvak,  just published a cartoon that mimicked the assault weapon of the New Zeland attacker.

In this cartoon, we again see “symbolic” names and dates referring to Christians and others who were defeated or destroyed by Ottomans.

Amongst others, we see, on the caricature of this rifle, 1444 and Sultan Murad which refers to Varna battle in which Balkan forces defeated by Ottomans; 1526 and Suleiman the Magnificent referring to the battle of Mohac.

The list continues like that, but on the barrel of the rifle we see a date that could be referring to different things, it is 1915.

It is the year of Dardanelle war and at the same time it is the year of the Armenian Genocide.

Whatever, all of these dates and names may be referring, it is shocking to see the replication of the symbolism of a mass murderer who just carried out a bloody massacre in another corner of the world.

Most probably, this New Zealander murderer was exactly aiming to elicit this kind of reactions in other parts of the world.

The people who draw this so-called caricature and the New Zealander attacker have a very strong kinship.

They have the same mentality; same outlook; same perspective.

They appear in different shape and appearances, but they are just different faces of the same person.

Not only those two but all others, albeit their different names and appearances (from White supremacist to ISIS, from extreme right wing to anti-immigrant guys) share same common denominators: They hate people who are not like them; they lack empathy; they think they are always write whereas others are always wrong; they think the evil comes always from outside not from within.

And they all are very much alike. They may be Muslim, Christian and so on; they may be belonging to this or that nation; they all are different sides of the same coin.

The most effective way to fight against them is to be able to recognize their all different versions in all different forms and shapes in our nations, congregations, groups and wherever they are!



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